SIM Card Technology

SIM Card Technology

sysmocom offers all flavours of SIM (Subscriber Identity Module), ranging from classic SIM to ETSI UICC all the way tp USIM, ISIM and HPSIM compliant with the latest 3GPP releases (currently Release 17). We are also able to provide you with USIM supporting non-IMSI SUPI Type for modern 5G IoT applications, or GSM-R SIM Cards.

Next to the classic SIM/UICC products, we also provide a variety of eUICC for eSIM use cases. Those are availble both in solder-type packages, as well as classic plastic card form factors.

Beyond actual SIM / UICC / eUICC products, we also have a variety of accessory products, such as

  • mechanical adaptors between 2FF, 3FF, 4FF, full-size, half-size and MFF2 form-factors

  • SIM card protocol tracing (SIMtrace2)

  • multi-slot card interface devices (sysmoOCTSIM, sysmoSIMBANK) from 8 to 192 slots.

A lot of the smaller related products like adapters do not have product pages here but only in our webshop.

    sysmocom eUICC for eSIM

    sysmocom eUICC in MFF2 solder or 2FF/3FF/4FF plastic package

    sysmoISIM-SJA5 programmable SIM/USIM/ISIM/HPSIM cards

    The sysmoISIM-SJA5 is a standards-compliant GSM SIM + USIM + ISIM + HPSIM card (2FF, 3FF, 4FF). It is intended to be used in sysmoNITB based networks, but can be used with any core network, from GSM (2G) through UMTS (3G) and LTE (4G) as well as 5G.

    customized sysmocom SIM / USIM / ISIM cards

    customized SIM cards are available in bulk-volume, pre-programmed according to operator requirements and printed with custom artwork.


    The sysmoSIMBANK is a 96 or 192 slot rack-mount network smart card reader


    The sysmoOCTSIM is an eight-slot smart card reader printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) with USB-CCID interface.

    MFF2 ZIF Adapter

    The MFF2 ZIF Adapter is used for testing/programming MMF2 in smart card readers, modems, phones, etc.

    SIMtrace2 - Debugging, tracing and emulating SIM card communication

    The sysmocom SIMtrace allows to debug and tracing SIM/USIM/ISIM card APDUs. The device is placed between a mobile phone and the SIM/USIM/ISIM card. This allows to capture the communication between the two entities.