sysmocom eUICC for eSIM

We are not only offering classic SIM / UICC / USIM / ISIM / HPSIM products in plastic card and MFF2 form-factor, but also eUICCs for the GSMA consumer and M2M eSIM system.

Our eUICCs are available in two flavours:

  • production eUICCs working within the GSMA eSIM universe. This means that each eUICC contains a certificate within the GSMA eSIM universe, enabling you to install eSIM profiles from virtually any operator offering eSIMs

  • testing/private eUICCs which do not contain GSMA certificates/key material, but private certificates. This makes them incompatible with commercially available eSIM profiles, but allows researchers, software developers, laboratories and small/private network operators to run their own entirely independent eSIM universe without any GSMA involvement.

We can provide the sysmocom eUICC either as MFF2 solder-type package, or in a regular 2FF/3FF/4FF plastic card. The latter option enables you to plug an eUICC into virtually any traditional mobile device without built-in eSIM support.

Our standard off-the-shelf consumer eUICC products will be shipping from December 2023 onwards, and will be available in 10-packs are primarily intended for R&D, testing and laboratory use.

For actual trial or production (private or public) cellular network operation, operators typically need bulk quantities of cards personalized according to their requirements.

Customization also includes customer-specific artwork/printing on both sides of the plastic cards.

The minimum order quantity for customized eUICC products is 1,000 units.