Introducing sysmoCNA


sysmoCNA is a miniature form-factor X86 based embedded hardware which is perfect for the installation of Osmocom cellular network elements like OsmoBSC. Depending on the performance need of the cellular network, it can even hold all core and RAN elements which are necessary to operate a network in addition to a BTS or hNodeB. Thus, the sysmoCNA is also the basis of our NITB solutions for our 2G and 3.5G starter kits.

The system is light-weight (< 2 kg), fan-less and has no moving parts like hard disks.

As with all sysmocom products, we can offer customization options based on low volume orders.

Mechanical / Electrical specification

Dimensions of enclosure (W x H x D)

168 x 28 x 160 mm (excluding power supply)


450 g (excluding power supply)

Network Interfaces

3 * RJ45 Ethernet (1000-Base-Tx)

Serial Interface

DB-9 RS-232


2 * USB2 external, 2 * USB2 internal


1 GHz dual-core 64bit AMD G series T40E

Input Voltage

12 V DC, maximum 12W


Passive. Active cooling optionally available depending on customer-specific enclosure or environmental requirements

Internal Memory

2GB RAM, 16GB Flash (SSD)

Operational Temperature

0 to 50 °C

Software / Logical specification

Operating System

Embedded Linux

Available Options / Configurations

Hardware Options

  • WiFi miniPCI express radio card

Software Options

Combination of Osmocom cellular network elements on request.