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The sysmocom main products as described here are generally not available via the Web Shop. Those products are typically sold as part of a project business, and the detailed configuration, options, support, customization differ from project to project. For inquiries related to those products, please contact sales@sysmocom.de with a detailed description of your project, requirements, etc.

Cellular Base Stations

sysmoBTS 2100 top/angle view

We offer different BTS models from lab application size up to 2TRX, 2*10W. The key differences are output power, number of TRX, housing and how they are powered. All GSM base stations use the power, the freedom and the openness of the OsmoBTS stack

Cellular Network Infrastructure

Osmocom CNI

These components give you the possibility to design your own mobile network based on the choice of your hardware to meet the subscriber, throughput and reliability requirements you need. We are able to support you with software adaption and integration. You will be surprised by our cost model, as most of our code is FOSS: you pay integration and support but no licenses upon subscriber numbers or network throughput.

SIM Card Technology

sysmocom SIM card

sysmocom offers a variety of SIM card related products, ranging from SIM cards themselves all the way to multi-slot card readers from 8 to 192 slots, SIM card tracing, card emulation and remote SIM solutions.

Lab Solutions

sysmoNITB 2G starter kit

sysmocom's lab solutions provide easy to use and easy to set up starter kits which permits users to concentrate on research and development and not in setting up the network.

The open source code and the well documented interfaces still enable fine tuning of the set up and place (software) probes at may points in the chain. The IoT² 608 offers in addition the capabilities for cabled devices and combining of multiple networks.

Do you have additional needs for your lab systems? Challenge us, we are able to adapt our technologies fast and flexible to your needs.

Discontinued Products

Find products and datasheets, which are not in sale anymore.

Alphabetical List

As it's sometimes difficult to put our products in just a single category, we also offer a complete list of all products on one page in alphabetical order.