Beta version of GPRS support for sysmoBTS released

sysmocom is happy to announce the availability of a frist beta/testing release of GPRS support for its sysmoBTS product.

While private/custom GPRS networks have been supported in the sysmoBSC/IP in NITB mode for years, it so far required a third-party BTS model with Gb/IP support. This time is coming to an end, as the sysmoBTS itself now includes a packet control unit (PCU) enabling customers to run not only GSM but also GPRS services from within the sysmoBTS.

The current beta release of the PCU is available as software update via the package feeds for the sysmoBTS. In case of doubt, please contact sysmocom support for assistance.

The PCU already supports multi-slot down-link assignments and all four GRPS coding schemes (CS1 to CS4), but has a number of shortcomings such as no timing advance and power control loops. In its current form, the PCU is only recommended for laboratory setups or small indoor cells.

Interested developers can find the full source code of the PCU at the osmo-pcu Free Software project: osmo-pcu, which has been jointly developed by Fairwaves and sysmocom, with much-appreciated funding from customers.