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We are proud, to have well known big customers on board but also small companies and experts as it is our philosophy to provide mobile network technology for everyone who has a need for it.



OpenCellular (OC) is an open source access platform with a focus on enabling rural connectivity. OC is an ecosystem of open source projects focusing on hardware, software, testing automation, manufacturing and building tools for ease of deployments and operations to bring Internet to people in rural areas around the world. The Osmocom stack which is primarily developed by sysmocom is used as the GSM stack on the OC-SDR and OC-2G hardware, this stack can be used either with a classic operator/core or with the Cellular Community Manager.

Toll Collect

Toll Collect

Toll Collect GmbH is a company that has developed and is running the German road toll system for trucks (LKW-Maut) on German motorways based on GPS and GSM connected On Board Units. Toll Collect is a customer for sysmocom M2M Device Testing Solutions.



sipgate is offering mobile connectivity for companies and with the brand simquadrat also for consumers. With some hundreds of thousands of customers, sipgate is also one of the biggest VoIP providers in Europe offering cloud based telephony solutions for consumers and companies. "sysmocom helped us a lot in shortening our time to market. With the support and trainings from sysmocom's experts and the development of a MVNO test bed, we were able to set up a stable and performant MVNO solution under our full control from day one", states Markus Monka, CTO at sipgate.



With On-Waves, you can stay connected while on board of maritime vessels by using your own mobile phone. On-Waves is a leading telecommunications service provider offering roaming GSM/GPRS cellular services to roaming and pre-paid customers on more than 650 vessels world-wide. Vessels include cruise ships, ferries, cargo ships, fishing vessels, private yachts and offshore installations. sysmocom is providing customized implementations of cellular network elements throughout the cellular network to On-Waves.



Rhizomatica's mission is to increase access to mobile telecommunications to the over 2 billion people without affordable coverage and the 700 million with none at all. Rhizomatica uses the OsmoBTS and OpenBSC software maintained by sysmocom, as well as R&D/customization services from sysmocom. "The usage of Open Source based solutions for community driven projects like Rhizomatica is a perfect fit, both economically and ethically. Sysmocom has helped us a lot to provide and maintain our solution for rural community-driven mobile networks" - Peter Bloom, founder and coordinator of Rhizomatica.

Berner Fachhochschule

Berner FH

The Institute for Security in the Information Society at the Berner Fachhochschule is using a sysmoBTS for awareness demonstrations and forensic investigations. "As the OsmoBTS stack is OpenSource, we are able to trace everything what is happening inside the network and we can apply our own extensions and changes", states security researcher and professor of computer science Dr. Ulrich Fiedler.