MFF2 ZIF Adapter

Use MFF2 SIMs in regular SIM slots

MFF2 ZIF Adapter

In the M2M/IoT industry, the ETSI MFF2 (Machine Form Factor) SIM, is gaining momentum. As opposed to regular SIMs, this type of sim is not user-removable, but soldered into the GSM-enabled product.

This MFF2 SIM is sometimes also called VQFN8 SIM or SON-8 SIM.

When debugging or analyzing problems with such MFF2 SIM, they cannot be directly used with regular phones, test mobiles or SIM protocol tracers like our SIMtrace product.

However, using this adapter and our FPC SIM adapters, it is possible to use a ETSI MFF2 solder-type SIM with a card reader or mobile phone that has a plug-in sized (ID-000) SIM card slot.

Please note that this adapter is only the PCB adapter with a MFF2 footprint ZIF socket and the FPC connector. No FPC SIM cable is included, and no MFF2 SIM is included!

You will have to obtain the FPC SIM cables separately. If you already have a SIMtrace including the adapters, you can use them with this product. If not you can find everything you need in our webshop.

MFF2 ZIF Adapter with Smartcard Adapter

Example with FPC SIM cable and Smart Card adapter