sysmocom RF cavity filter


We offer a variety of cavity filters for common terrestrial and satellite bands. They can be used to improve receiver performance or filter transmit out-of-band emissions alike.

Cavity filters offer excellent performance compared to discrete filters built from electronic components or even SAW filters:

  • very low insertion loss (typically <= 1.0 dB), ensuring most of your intended signal actually passes through

  • very high attenuation of any frequencies outside the respective bands

sysmocom cavity filter models

The table below shows our standard models, most of which we typically keep in stock in low quantity. Non-stock parts require an average or 6-8 weeks of production lead time.


Passband MHz

max. RF Power

Data Sheet



1086 - 1094


data sheet


2170 - 2300


data sheet


1525 - 1795


data sheet

custom filter models

We are very happy to produce cavity filters per our customer request. Customization includes bands / frequency, connectors / RF performance parameters. Please reach out to with your requirements. We can produce custom duplexers in low quantities (absolute minimum 10 units), but not at MOQ-1. Thanks for your understanding.