M.2 WWAN modem breakout board

Introducing the sysmocom M.2 WWAN modem breakout board

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M.2 break-out board

The M.2 WWAN modem break-out board is a useful utility for evaluating any kind of cellular modem in the more and more popular M.2 form-factor, sometimes also referred-to as NGFF (next generation form factor).

M.2 form-factor modems are pretty commonly found for all cellular technologies, but particular with LTE-A and 5G modems. Contrary to their predecessor mPCIe, M.2 supports higher transmission speeds of USB 3.0 super-speed and/or PCIe 1x.

Key Features

The main features of the board can be described as follows:

  • on-board linear power regulator generating the 3.3V supply voltage for the M.2 modem

  • USB 2.0 high-speed and USB 3.0 super-speed signals exposed on USB 3.0 micro-B connector (microB-A cable included)

  • PCIe lane exposed on non-standard USB-A-style connector; Extension Cable and adapter board to plug into a regular PCIe 1x slot included.

  • Two 2FF (mini-SIM) slots for RUIM/CSIM/SIM/ USIM. Second slot only used by dual-SIM capable modems.

  • all unused m.2 pins are exposed on a 2.54mm break-out header. This is useful for attaching to non-standard interfaces such as PCM audio busses of modems.

  • PERST and W_DISABLE can be configured via jumper

  • 4x on-board SMA sockets with MHF4 next to them; MHF4 to MHF4 pigtail cables included. This provides proper strain relief of any antenna connections to the modem.

  • Power LED and Modem Status LED

M.2 board with momdem, SIM and RF cables assembled


As the M.2 modem break-out board adheres to the M.2 mechanical form factor and standardized pin-out, it should work with any WWAN modem, irrespective of the supplier.

Open Source Hardware

The M.2 WWAN modem break-out board was created as an OSHW (Open Source Hardware) design.

This means not only schematics are available, but also the full design files including PCB layout. Anyone may create derivative works under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike (CC-BY-SA) license.

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The M.2 WWAN modem breakout board is available for direct purchase from the sysmocom webshop). For volume orders, please inquire at sales@sysmocom.de.

Mechanical / Electrical specification

Dimensions of PCB

90 x 90 mm


M3 Mounting Holes for spacers/stands

NGFF / m.2 Slot

3042 form factor; B key

SIM/UICC slots

2, ETSI/3GPP 2FF form factor

USB port

USB-micro-B (3.0)

Debug facilities

all unused M.2 signals exposed on 2.54mm pitch header


1x Power (green), 1x Modem Status (yellow)

Input Voltage

5 V DC (typ) on 5.5/2.5mm barrel type

Included Accessories



Block Diagram