A PCU (Packet Control Unit) is one of the two GPRS elements in the BSS. It implements the RLC and MAC layers of the GPRS Um (radio) interface on the MS-facing side, as well as the Gb Interface (NS, BSSGP) on the SGSN-facing side.

OsmoPCU is the Osmocom implementation of this PCU functionality.

It implements a custom L1 interface that can be used with OsmoBTS, including our sysmoBTS)

We can provide porting services to port OsmoPCU (together with OsmoBTS) to your specific PHY, BTS hardware or SDR platform.

sysmocom is offering different support levels for the Osmocom based cellular network elements. This gives you the trust to get support to your needs in the most effective and economic way.

Software / Logical specification

BTS connection

pcu_sock of OsmoBTS or direct L1/DSP bypass

SGSN connection

Gb/IP (also called NS-over-IP)

Supported Data Modes

GPRS CS1 to CS4 with dynamic link/rate adaption EDGE MCS1-MCS9 with dynamic link/rate adaption

Operating System


More technical information can be found on Osmocom.