GSM is not dead and therefore there is need to update or replace nodes in the RAN and Core Network. This leads to situations where interfaces do not fit anymore and translation is needed. At this point OsmoGbProxy jumps in. It can aggregate and convert different Gb links from multiple BSS towards an SGSN (pool).

Gb protocols supported are Gb/IP and Gb over frame relay.

To integrate easily in existing network toplogies and for higher densities of E1 ports OsmoGbProxy supports optionally Gb over frame relay/GRE/IP or SatOP (also optionally).

For load sharing and redundancy support SGSN pooling is implemented.

Some common use-cases:

  • connect an E1 BSS to a Gb/IP SGSN

  • add SGSN-pool support to a BSS that doesn't support it

  • connect multiple BSS to an SGSN using only one NSE

If you need configurations the GbProxy does not (yet) support, please challenge us. We have the team and the know-how to implement additional features and protocols according to your demand.

Ready to run server available

To speed up deployments, sysmocom offers optionally ready-to-run servers with multiple E1 and IP interfaces. The servers are set up with Debian Linux and sysmocom's latest GbProxy software. We offer onsite integration either personally or via remote access.

OsmoGbProxy Server

1RU OsmoGbProxy Server with 24 E1 ports, Gb/IP-in and -output.

As the E1 interface cards combine two E1 ports in one RJ45 connector, sysmocom provides a breakout patch panel to connect the frame relay nodes from the front side of the installed systems. STP and/or link aggregation can be configured in redundant installations.

E1 Breakout Panel

Breakout panel with 24 E1 ports

The following figure shows the generic cabling of a GbProxy system, combining IP and FR based BSS. The operation and maintenance network is connected via dedicated ports.

System Diagram

Generic cabling of GbProxy system

Like all sysmocom cellular network infrastructure elements, OsmoGbProxy can be provided either in source code format (C code for Linux) or as binary packages for Debian and Ubuntu GNU/Linux distributions. Upon request, we can also prepare packages for other Linux distributions or container images, e.g. Docker or Kubernetes.

sysmocom is offering different support levels for the Osmocom based cellular network elements. This gives you the trust to get support for your needs in the most effective and economic way.

Software / Logical specification

NS interface (to BSS/SGSN)

Gb/IP and Gb/FR support according to 3GPP TS 48.016 Ch. 6

GRE according IETF RFC 1701

SatOP according IETF RFC 4553

BSSGP interface

According to 3GPP TS 48.018

SGSN pooling

According to 3GPP TS 123.236 Ch. 5.3.2

Operating System


More technical information can be found on Osmocom.