sysmocom announces outdoor sysmoBTS 2050

sysmocom announces its latest product, the sysmoBTS 2050 outdoor GSM/GPRS base transceiver station.

The sysmoBTS 2050 provides two transceivers (TRX) with a total RF power output of 10W. Its dust and water tight outdoor case is IP67 rated and intended for mounting directly at the antenna pole, removing the effect of cable losses in long feeder lines.

The primary use case of sysmoBTS 2050 is the operation of private or public mobile networks, especially in rural regions with no existing cellular coverage. The low power budget of the BTS with integrated PA, LNA, splitter and combiner is typically 55W at 24V DC, making it ideal for solar powered remote sites.

Based on the proven technology of the sysmoBTS 1002 indoor base station, it can not only work as a GSM BTS, but it can also be operated in BTS with integrated BSC mode, or equipped with the NITB software to run a complete autonomous network without any external components or network elements.

sysmoBTS 2050 is available immediately to the global market of customers outside the European Union.