sysmocom webshop temporarily closed

NOTE: This post only applies to the sysmocom webshop which we operate as a service to the wider user and developer communities around Osmocom and other open source and open hardware projects. The sysmocom sales department is still selling the professional portfolio products via normal sales channels as before!

Unfortunately our shipping carrier, Deutsche Post (the German post office) has decided to change pretty much all aspects related to international shipments from January 1st, 2019. Those changes start from not being able to send goods in letters anymore, introducing new types of shipping products that are not an exact replacement of the old services, requiring completely different shipping labels in different size/format, differences in terms of insurance coverage, etc.

Despite sysmocom shipping more than 600 webshop orders per year with Deutsche Post, and us using the existing APIs for electronic purchase and franking of shipments, we have not been informed in advance of those changes coming into effect on January 1st, 2019.

We are now studying to understand all related changes, which involves (as we can tall so far):

  • signing a new contract with Deutsche Post

  • change/rewrite our software for generating franking / shipping labels (which we of course released as open source software)

  • purchasing of new label printers and labels to accomodate the significantly larger label formats

  • rewriting the shipping rate calculator for our webshop taking into account all the new constraints and rules

The webshop has to remain closed until this is completed. We don't have an expected date when it will reopen, but it's likely going to be closed for at least all of January 2019.

Please refrain from inquiring sysmocom about purchasing related products until the webshop reopens. We do not have the resources to manually process orders outside our (until now) streamlined and automatized webshop order process.

Thanks for your patience.