Rural Communications

Rural Communications

While the cities of the world are enjoying extensive GSM/GPRS, 3G and LTE coverage, many parts of the world are still without basic telephony service, both wired and wireless.

Existing solutions for large telecom operators often are capital-intensive and require large amounts of electrical power and excellent back-haul connectivity. Furthermore, traditional equipment is built for high-capacity applications using the latest technologies for high-bandwidth mobile data applications.

Focus on the basics: 2G Voice call + SMS service

The sysmoBTS product line and the sysmocom GSM architecture are intentionally 2G / 2.5G only. Using this reliable, proven technology implemented on modern-day hardware, we can achieve ultra-low-power operation of mobile networks. At the same time, patents on the GSM technology have meanwhile expired, removing the need for expensive patent licenses that 3G/UMTS or even LTE technologies require. The result is a significant cost saving on the network equipment, for network operation as well as on the mobile phone side.

Simple GSM feature-phones, both new as well as pre-owned, are the cheapest possible way for subscribers to get connected to telephony services. They also have much longer battery life than modern smartphones with 3G or LTE radio.

Small local networks for the community, no need for classic operator

The sysmocom GSM architecture does not require you to be an existing mobile operator with a traditional core network of MSC, HLR, AUC, SMSC, SCF, etc.

Rather, even a small community with few or no long-distance connectivity can use the sysmoBTS' Network-in-the-box mode to provide full local calls, without any further equipment or investment in GSM core network equipment.

On the other hand, if you already are a mobile operator and do have your existing core network, sysmoBTS can seamlessly integrate into classic GSM architecture by presenting an A-over-IP interface towards your MSC.

Both classic GSM networks as well as novel, local community-bsaed networks can be built using sysmocom GSM.