The sysmoBTS product family is ideal for providing mobile coverage in maritime applications.

  • in off-shore wind parks (for M2M applications)

  • on oil rigs or other off-shore installations (for M2M applications)

sysmocom GSM for off-shore oil rigs

Off-shore oil rigs often are far enough from the coast to be outside reliable coverage of land-based GSM operators. Running a private GSM network on the oil rig allows for local communication of staff and M2M applications. Back-haul options such as licensed/unlicensed microwave or satellite establish contact back to the company headquarters.

sysmocom GSM for offshore wind farms

Wind farms originate from land-based installation, where GSM/GPRS based M2M for telematics is commonly used. However, offshore wind farms often do not have sufficient coverage to use the same technology. Rather than retrofitting equipment with different communications system, deploying a small, local sysmocom GSM network based around the sysmoBTS product line can help you bridge the gap without any changes to the M2M terminals or backend applications.