BTS / hNodeB Manufacturer

Existing GSM test equipment primarily focuses on RF testing for compliance with regulatory norms. Full end-to-end application testing of M2M products is often done on commercial GSM netwoks of real operators.

Testing M2M devices in commercial mobile networks often raises problems like:

  • cost-intensive as every transaction on the mobile network is billed
  • test failures due to lack of mobile coverage, interference or network overload of the commercial mobile network
  • no ability to effectively debug any problems, as no protocol traces of the real network operator can be obtained in case of any malfunction

Using the IoT² 608 you can operate two private mobile networks for M2M device testing. In this network, all interfaces (Um, A-bis, Gb, Gp) can be fully traced and decoded. Furthermore, the network will always be available, even if the cell of the commercial mobile operator is currently overloaded or suffers from radio interference.

The software controllable attenuation of all mobile networks sources allows the simulation of many use cases like cell change, weak signal conditions or roaming. The system allows the connection of your M2M device either via cable or via antenna in a shielded compartment.