Job offers

We are always open in hearing from anyone with a strong background in Free Software. If you don't see a role that is matching your skills but you are extremely talented please send an email to

Working at Sysmocom

At sysmocom you can work in a small company that is 100% engineering driven. We don't have managers with MBAs, we don't have marketing departments. We are a team of highly skilled software developers and electrical engineers, providing you an environment where you can learn and grow your skills about Free Software, system-level software architecture and cellular protocol stacks.

sysmocom is not a start-up with loads of cash to burn, but privately funded by its founders. As such, we can't offer perks like fancy free lunches, company-paid massages or the like, which you would find at VC-funded cash-burning start-up companies. But then, on the other hand we are offering a hands-on, no-bullshit work environment.

You will love working with us, if

  • it is important for you that the results of your work are not just for the benefit of one company, but is published as Free / Open Source Software and available to anyone.

  • you love to learn more from experts in the field of telecom protocols and their security

  • you prefer small, owner-managed companies rather than large corporatiosn with lots of red-tape and dozens of divisions and deep hierarchies.

  • you enjoy working in a Microsoft and Windows-free environment. In the sysmocom office, we don't use MS Outlook, MS Office or Windows. The only Windows installations run on our test equipment (spectrum analyzers and the like).

  • you prefer a meritocracy. We care about the actual skill of our employees, and not about their degrees, diplomas or certificates.