TCAP Stack

TCAP is an ITU-T recommendation and one protocol of the Signalling System No. 7 (SS7). TCAP is based on the OSI-defined Remote Operation Services Element (ROSE) protocol. TCAP is the remote-procedure-call system that is used to invoke GSM MAP and 3GPP Camel operations and negotiate the version to be used.

Sysmocom provides a complete TCAP implementation for the OpenSource Smalltalk/Pharo programming environment. Smalltalk/Pharo has been chosen because of the advanced and interactive programming environment bringing huge productivity gains to the developers using it. The TCAP implementation has an extensive test suite based on the Q.787 test specification and real-world compatibility issues. The implementation has a well defined interface toward a SCCP/SUA provider. The included code can connect to the Osmocom Signalling Transfer Point (STP) and has native support for SCTP/M3UA/MTPLevel3.

As part of the TCAP implementation we provide ready to use modules for GSM MAP and 3GPP Camel. This includes GSM MAPv2, GSM MAPv3 and Camel Phase1, Camel Phase2 and Camel Phase3. The modules allow users to immediately write producers and consumers for GSM MAP and 3GPP Camel.