sysmoBSC Base Station Controller

Introducing sysmoBSC/IP (data sheet)


Main features

sysmoBSC is a miniature form-factor GSM Base Station Controller (BSC) based on embedded hardware and the OpenBSC software (osmo-bsc mode).

The system is light-weight (< 2 kg), fan-less and has no moving parts like hard disks.

sysmoBSC is offered in two configurations:

  • sysmoBSC/IP as a pure Soft-BSC with no legacy E1/T1 interfaces
    • Supports A-bis over IP for ip.access(R) nanoBTS(TM) as well as our own sysmoBTS
  • sysmoBSC/E1 with E1/T1 interfaces for legacy BTS equipment
    • Supports Siemens, Nokia and Ericsson A-bis dialects as supported by OpenBSC
    • Supports A-over-IP back-haul to your (Soft-)MSC. Classic A-over-E1 support available upon request

Support contracts and associated R&D services for sysmoBSC are available separately upon request.