sysmo NITB 3.5G starter kit limited edition

Introducing sysmoNITB 3.5G

(Download the Data Sheet)

3.5G starter kit

For many years the sysmoNITB (aka Network in the Box) has been known as a versatile solution to setup GSM/GPRS networks quickly and efficiently. Now, sysmocom introduces the sysmoNITB 3.5G: the next step in Free and Open Source mobile network technology. The sysmoNITB 3.5G paired with a supported hNodeB enables a wide range of applications, including:

  • IoT Testing for 3G based solutions
  • 3.5G related research and development
  • Production testing of 3G/3.5G terminal equipment
  • Rapidly deployable 3.5G networks
  • Private 3.5G networks (PBX style use)
  • In-building coverage/capacity extension
  • Remote area 3.5G deployments, utilizing any IP-based satellite back-haul service

The sysmoNITB paired with an hNodeB runs a completely autonomous small 3G network. All core network elements like hNodeBGW, MSC/VLR and HLR are part of the NITB.

Limited edition starter kit for product evaluation

For a limited time and as long as stocks last, we are offering the sysmoNITB 3.5G starter kit limited edition. The starter kit enables you to quickly get started and run a completely autonomous 3.5G network without the need for any additional external components.

The starter kit is the ideal entry point for your first steps in setup and operation of mobile networks. Due to its pre-configuration and the complete delivery you can start with a working network. You can concentrate on your application much faster than setting up everything from scratch.

All you need to do in order to make calls, send SMS between your phones and use data services in this private 3.5G network is to:

  • unpack the starter kit
  • connect the power supplies
  • connect the sysmoNITB 3.5G with the hNodeB and (if desired) the internet gateway
  • insert the SIM cards into your telephones (phones not included!)
  • power on the phones

The starter kit includes

  • one sysmoNITB 3.5G
  • one nano3G femtocell (hNodeB)
  • 10 pre-provisioned SIM cards
  • Printed copy of the sysmoNITB 3.5G Getting Started Guide
  • Fully installed + configured OsmoNITB 3.5G software image
  • Customer-specific factory configuration from a questionnaire – by order
  • 4 hours of remote support by sysmocom staff (e-mail based, remote login/configure)

Technical Data

Mechanical / Electrical specification sysmoNITB 3.5G

Dimensions of enclosure (W x H x D) 168 x 28 x 160 mm (excluding power supply)
Weight 450 g (excluding power supply)
Iuh Interface RJ45 Ethernet (1000-Base-Tx)
External Interface RJ45 Ethernet (1000-Base-Tx)
Management Interface RJ45 Ethernet (1000-Base-Tx), DB-9 RS-232
CPU / SoC 1 GHz dual-core 64bit AMD G series T40E
Input Voltage 12V DC, maximum 12W
Cooling Passive. Active cooling optionally available depending on customer-specific enclosure or environmental requirements
Internal Memory 2 GB RAM, 16 GB Flash (SSD)
Operational Temperature 0 to 50 °C

Mechanical / Electrical specification nano3G

Dimensions of (W x H x D) 168 x 160 x 30 mm (w/o stand)
Weight 275 g (excluding power supply)
Iuh Interface RJ45 Ethernet (100-Base-Tx)
RF Output (internal Antenna)
  • UMTS Bands 2 and 5 (1900MHz / 850MHz)
  • Max. output power: 20mW
Simultaneous Users 8
Operational Temperature 0 to 40 °C
Input Voltage 9 V (DC), 8W
Cooling Passive, no fan or other moving parts

Software / Logical specification

Configuration Interface Command line based (CLI) introspection + configuration
Interface hNodeB ↔ HNB-GW 3GPP Iuh (RUA/HNBAP/RANAP)
Interface HNB-GW ↔ MSC + SGSN Iu-CS and Iu-PS over SUA (SCCP/M3UA update coming soon)
Supported Services SMS, Voice Calls and Packet Data (IPv4)
Authentication UMTS AKA with USIM and GSM-SIM fall-back to 2G auth context
External SMS Interface SMPP v3.4
External Voice Interface MNCC, can be translated to SIP using osmo-sip-connector