sysmoNITB GSM Network-in-a-Box Appliance

The sysmoNITB appliance (data sheet) is a small form-factor computer with:

  • an installation of the OpenBSC NITB together with OsmoSGSN and OpenGGSN
  • access to the sysmocom package upgrade feed
  • a set of 10 pre-provisioned SIM Cards.

Using the sysmocom NITB appliance and a modern IP capable BTS you will be able to run a private GSM network with your provisioned subscribers.

This solution allows to

  • place voice calls and exchanging SMS between any provisioned subscribers
  • sending/receiving SMS from external applications via the control interface
  • sending/receiving SMS from external applications via the built-in SMPP 3.4 interface
  • providing GPRS services (mobile data) to provisioned subscribers
  • use the wireshark GSM protocol decoders to trace any communication between the subscribers and the network

The sysmoNITB appliance is the ideal environment to study GSM and do experiments.

All software components on the sysmoNITB are Open Source Software components. This allows full analysis, research as well as development and rapid prototyping of custom GSM-related applications.